February 25, 2014

Vaughan and Zoe’s Elegant Wedding in Kiama

The path that Vaughan and I have taken in our lives seem to be inextricably linked. There was this thread of fate that seems to bind us. The way I remember it, Vaughan and Zoe were both Medical Physics students at the University of Wollongong and I just happened to be their 2nd year physics lab demonstrator. Then when I graduated, I moved up to Brisbane for a job and it ended up being the city that Zoe and Vaughan moved to a few years later when they graduated from their degrees and had found jobs too. The hospital that Vaughan worked at was one of my employer’s main research partners so I would often see him in the hallways of the oncology department when we went there to take measurements for out research.

During their speeches at the wedding, Vaughan very kindly thanked me for being with them at their wedding and how selecting me as their photographer was the very first thing that they did when they got engaged. He went on to say that it was somewhat inevitable because of our linked history but there was seemingly more to it. I had been his lab demonstrator in the 1st year labs too and to add to that, I had first met him and his best man nearly 6 months earlier when he was a visiting high school student being given a demo of the University’s physics labs. What a small world.

So here I was, years after we had first met and doing something completely different to when that initial meeting happened. I was really humbled during Vaughan’s speech when he said that him and Zoe was so happy to see me following my dreams of being a photographer – and the faith they showed in letting me share that day with them said more to me than any words ever could.




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  • adaya February 28, 2014

    beautiful and so uniq

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