March 8, 2013

One Year In and Giving Something Back

On March 22nd 2013 (exactly 2 weeks from today), it will officially be one year since I moved to Melbourne and became a full time photographer. To say it’s been a huge 12 months would be an understatement. When I first came here, I had five upcoming wedding bookings and no idea if being a full time photographer was an escape into doing something I loved or simply a half-baked plan.

I am really fortunate to have a set of skills that can not only earn me a living, but also have a positive impact on people’s lives. I’ve met so many truly wonderful people and my life has been forever changed. For that, I want to give something back. So this is the plan: You can have me for an hour, a few hours, half a day or even a full day (or maybe longer if it is a project of some sort). I will photograph for you or I can teach photography to anyone who needs it. Are you an individual? An organisation? A family? A group of friends? A cat? (If you are a cat and you are reading this, CALL ME!)

I am happy to photograph anything. Yes, I make my living photographing weddings, but I love photographing all sorts of things like bands, people and I especially love doing crazy stuff with Photoshop.

So, it might be a photo of yourself and your nanna who has never had a nice photograph of her taken. Or of animals that need to be better treated or adopted by loving carers. Or of an amazing cake that you’ve invented and want to start selling at the local market. Maybe you have a nice friend that is trying to start a business and needs photos. Or maybe you just need a crazy photographer to take some photos of you and Photoshop you into a zombie because that’s been your life long dream.

I need you to tell me:

– What you want me to photograph and more importantly, why.
– Where you need me to be.
– What does having photos of this event/person/thing mean to you (or the person you are asking for)?

You can email me, sing me a song, draw me a picture, send me a message via my contact page – however you want to tell me. I just want to do something for someone who genuinely needs it.

So I will do a day of work for each of three different groups of people.

– Personal
– Business
– Community Group/Social Enterprise/Music Festival/Community Event

So there are a few small rules to prevent naughty people out there from taking advantage:

– You’ll need to be in Melbourne or within a 2 hrs drive of the city (let’s say around 150km).
– What I’m photographing for you is something that you genuinely need and can’t do for yourself
– If you’re a business, you can only be a small one trying to keep your head above water – no large scale organisations who can afford to hire a photographer, there’s plenty of us out there that can work for you
– I’m going to make a decision on which people I can help out on the 22nd of March 2013 so you have 2 weeks exactly to get your requests in.
– The decision will be based on your need for a photographer and why you think I would be a good fit.
– If you’re one of the people I am able to work for, you’ll need to try and fit in around my schedule, and what you want photographed needs to happen within the next 12 months.
– And since my website’s visual theme relies on there being at least one image in each post, you’ll need to look at this photo of our cats and profess your undying love for them (how could you not?!?).



  • Lakshal Perera March 20, 2013

    Send away Fiona! :)

  • Fiona March 20, 2013

    WOW Lakshal you are very generous -hmm I may have some ideas – I may just pop you a plea!

  • Aoifidee March 13, 2013

    Ohhhh… Those kittens are too gorgeous!

  • Lakshal Perera March 13, 2013

    The kitties are far better than the idea. :)

  • JK Blackwell March 10, 2013

    Beautiful image (and kitties!); beautiful idea!

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