August 9, 2012

Free Wedding Photography Around the World

If you know me in person, you probably realise I have pretty progressive thoughts when it comes to society. I believe in equality above all and opportunities for everyone, regardless of any circumstance. I also believe that money is simply a construct of society I would prefer to do without. Alas this is simply not something that’s feasible. We all need to eat, pay our rent and occasionally get vaccinations for our cats and this takes money. But whenever I can, I like to barter skills and services. It’d be nice if I could swap a sheep for a haircut but then I realise, I don’t actually have any sheep. But what I do have, is a skill where I can photograph stuff, and I want to share that as much as possible. I think our societies would be much better if we started appreciating what each other has to offer rather than monetising it and deciding how worthwhile something is by looking at a number quantifying it. And everyone deserves happiness, something that money often has a role in allowing (not that it’s the quintessential element by any means) which results in not everyone having access to things and experiences they would like. Perhaps I’m just a hippy that should live in a commune somewhere, but I value experiences of culture and friendships and exploring new places much more than simply making money which is probably why I believe what I do and why I am writing this post.

I’m going to be in a few countries over the next 12 months (some to already photograph weddings) and want to offer my services in exchange for something. If you think you have something to offer (accommodation/cultural experiences/local knowledge/etc) and would like me to photograph your wedding, we can make it happen. The exchange doesn’t need to be necessarily “equal”, just as long as we’re honest and nice to each other, it can work out. Also, the places I am visiting aren’t places or cultures I’d ordinarily get to photograph weddings in so in a way, I’m already in your debt!

So, these are the places and the dates which I’m available.

1 – New York City, USA: 23rd October – 2nd November 2012

2 – Colombo, Sri Lanka: 26th December 2012 – 4th January 2013

3 – England and Wales: 30th April – 7th May 2013 (UPDATE: Two lovely folks have already contacted me and I honestly won’t have any more time)

4 – Iceland: 9th May – 21st May 2013

If you’re in need of a photographer and for whatever reason can’t afford to pay money for it (or would prefer to barter in general!), get in touch. Send me an email and let me know some details about your wedding and what you would like to exchange with me. If you’re based in Australia, you’re obviously welcome to participate as well but please understand, I can probably only do one or two of these a year.

At this point in time, I think I want to make this an ongoing thing so I will announce when I’m headed somewhere to see if there are any interested parties. I love the feeling of seeing a little of other people’s lives so I know the experiences this can allow are ones that money could never pay for.



  • Joelle Ferre September 2, 2013

    Your photographs are absolutely wonderful! I studied Fine Art with a major in photomedia and by the time I left art school 8 years ago I felt like my creative spirit had been crushed. Your work makes me want to start taking pictures again. I am so touched by your ability to find the beauty and the humour in your subjects. You are truly inspiring. Bravo!

  • Tia April 26, 2013

    Hey Lakshal,
    Just bumped into your blog/site and absolutely love your methods into candid shots and much more… I am from Nepal residing in Melbourne atm, and we have set our date for Jul 2015… I know thinking too far ahead just yet :s … but would be thrilled to make a deal with you if you wanted to cross Nepal off your bucket list!! ;)

  • Alyshafield November 16, 2012

    Such an amazing idea! unfortunately we live in Australia and having our wedding in our Spring sometime which may fall in between your US dates. We would be happy to exchange for Kite Boarding & Stand Up Paddle Boarding tours, beach 4WD explorations & surfing the AUS east coast along with comfortable beachside accommodation.

  • Lakshal Perera October 1, 2012

    Lakshal Perera: Forcing women into unhappy and unfulfilling marriages for the sake of nice wedding portraiture since 2005. :)

  • Lucy Williams September 28, 2012

    I don’t even have a boyfriend but dammit, having seen your photography, I’m determined to try and find one and make him my husband in time for your stay in Wales ;) 

  • Lucy Williams September 28, 2012

    I don’t even have a boyfriend but dammit, having seen your photography, I’m determined to try and find one and make him my husband in time for your stay in Wales ;) 

  • Carla September 19, 2012

    Lakshal! Hi… Nice tô mete you. Don’t you think to come to Brazil next year in October? My sister will be married. Sorry my English, I’m trying to speak with you. Congratulations for your job. Very very Nice.
    My e-mail is [email protected]

  • Beth September 2, 2012

    October 10, 2013 Long Island NY!!! We have a great place for you to stay- be a part of our family- enjoy the local arts community, local beers from a number of breweries! We have a  number ideas for exchange- we would love to meet you- that an amazing idea!! Best of luck to you and safe travels. 

  • Ramee August 26, 2012

    Hey Lucky,

    If you’re still looking for a place to crash in NYC, let me know — got a friend there that could help out methinks…..and Mik Annetts (if you remember him from the gong) actually lives in Iceland now.

  • ZWP August 24, 2012


    I just discovered your work through Rock’n’Roll Bride, and to say I’m in awe is an understatement…. if you ever come to switzerland in one of your journey’s I’d be honoured to host you and show you around! My husband couldn’t believe some of your shots :-) Beautiful philosophy and beautiful art… thanks for inspiring me :-)

  • Simon August 17, 2012

    I like your style!  I hope you get bookings for each destination.

  • Lakshal Perera August 17, 2012

    Hi Lan!
    While that indeed does sound like a hoot, we’re not going to be anywhere near Baltimore. :(

    Thank you for your well wishes and hopefully see you around the traps! Who knows what the future holds eh? :)

  • Lan | angry asian August 17, 2012

    i wish i could take you up on this offer, your photographs are beautiful, your outlook seems to be hilarious but alas, i am nowhere close to where you’ll be and um, most importantly, i am not engaged. 

    tho, if you are on the market to snap pix of me & my friends acting like assclown fools and you do swing by baltimore, md, i’m game. i’d feed you maryland crabs, depending on the season, take you to an awful baseball game or freeze your ass off at a foodball game, as well as provide you with the means of seeing where The Wire was shot/produced & inspired by. 

    in conclusion, have a wonderful journey, i’m jealous of your travels. be safe.

  • JourneysMatter August 16, 2012

    Your photos are stunning and so damn creative! I love being a budding candid photographer and I value creative minds of people who think outside the cookie cutter box in capturing lifetime memories. Keep up the great work Lakshal. 

  • Lakshal Perera August 10, 2012

    Thanks Nami! You guys made not just my day, but my year! :)

  • Lakshal Perera August 10, 2012

    YES! I hope our paths cross in NYC too!! We’re staying in Williamsburg which I’ve been informed is very trendy. Keep an eye out for the two people that don’t fit in, that’ll be us. :)

    Thank you for your lovely words too!

  • Namrita Bendapudi August 9, 2012

    Yay! Love this! Good luck with your travels and hope it takes you far and wide :)) And I know you’ll make a lot of couples’ day just as you did ours :)) 

  • Lisa August 9, 2012

    Lakshal, have we told you that you epitomise our whole trip? and for that…and more things, we love you! We really hope to meet you somewhere, anywhere! again and totally LOVE that you are such a fricking cool guy with such and open and honest heart…. maybe we will see you in NYC…if we hurry! Good luck…and I hope people who take you up on this amazing open offer know how damn lucky they are…I know we do!  Xxx happy travels!

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