February 4, 2012

bugGIRL :: Band Promo

The people who have known me for a while know that I started out as a music photographer. The first wedding I ever shot was for the bassist in a band that I had photographed who just so happened to like my very primitive style at the time. Moving to Brisbane from Wollongong nearly 3 years ago was a huge step backwards professionally on this front, I was reasonably well known in Sydney circles but I didn’t have contacts up here and would have had to start all over again in Brisbane, which I never did due to a range of factors.

Brother and sister band bugGiRL are two people I’ve had a lot of history with; Clinton (perhaps the nicest man in the world) is the drummer and he was the drummer in my old band. The singer/guitarist Amber’s old band supported us at our EP launch and I’ve known them for ages. bugGiRL have been based out of the USA for a few years and have returned to Australia to record and release a number of EPs. Amber is currently playing with the all-girl Hell’s Belles, described by Angus Young as the world’s best AC/DC tribute band.

This shot is one I took for them about two years ago that has been sitting in my archives waiting to see the light of day. So here it is!

I still love doing this kind of work but I’m a bit fresh in Melbourne so if you can hook me up, go on ahead! There’s some interesting times ahead for me and doing some work like this every now and then would make sure that I won’t go to sleep dreaming of weddings.


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  • Jeremy February 5, 2012

    This is awesome… Keep shooting dude!!

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