November 15, 2010

Shane and Jenner’s Vintage Rockabilly Wedding in Wollongong

As a wedding photographer who’s trying to get his business off the ground, I generally accept every wedding enquiry that comes my way. Obviously some weddings are more fun to go to than others and that has to do with your personal preferences around weddings and your outlook on life in general. The first moment that I saw Shane and Jenner on the day before their wedding, I knew that this would be one of the most fun weddings I would have the privilege of photographing. It inspired me, and it inspired all of the guests, a rare thing in a world of McWeddings where big is not always better.

There are moments when you talk to people and you realise that they just “get it”. I’d imagine that Shane and Jenner confront some prejudice based on their appearances due to their tattoos and piercings; I don’t look anything like them but we think the same and I can imagine us hanging out and being friends were we in the same place. This isn’t some sort of philosophical rant on my behalf but one simply sharing my feelings about a lovely pair of people who couldn’t have ended up with a better partner than each other. That’s something that makes me quite happy on the inside.

I thought Jenner looked absolutely stunning, as much as she said she felt uncomfortable in front of the camera, she had a timeless elegance to her.  And her dress, jewelery and make up just completed the picture.

The two bridesmaids, Belle and Em,  in my eyes received one of the most amazing gifts from Jenner. Jenner found a photo of each girl and sent them off to an American artist who rendered the two images into zombie versions of each girl.  Originality ++.

The battle for vow reading order commences with a stalemate.

True love in all of its forms is beautiful, but when that love is so close to the love that you idealise in your own mind, it seems even better. The kind of relationship Shane and Jenner have is so close to mine with my partner and seeing it from an outside perspective makes you feel happy for yourself. They’re equals in all ways, they give and take in their dealings with each other and they’re comfortable in their skin; a rare combination.

This was the first and only wedding I’ll probably go to that had a burlesque performer during the reception. I remember photographing some bands in this venue a few years ago so the stage and music brought back some nice memories for me too.

There’s only one more photo that I want to share and it pretty much epitomises Shane and Jenner. Thank you for asking me to photograph your wedding and I hope that we can discuss Mastodon and Richard Dawkins at greater length on another day!



  • Apolkadot June 8, 2013

    Hi, what a lovleg wedding! I Wonder where the groom got his awesome dress… :) ???

  • Saundra Leigh December 11, 2011

    Great Tuxes!! my fiance is looking for something like that!

  • Lakshal Perera July 25, 2011

    Hiya Kaite!You’re right, I grew up in Wollongong there’s not really much variety there in terms of wedding venues or ideas! :)

    This is actually the Heritage Hotel in Bulli. It’s pretty awesome, they’re not really set up a “traditional” wedding venue (more for casual parties) but it worked for Shane and Jenner and what they wanted. And I guess that sounds like what you’re after too! :)

    ps. watch out for the ghost that lives upstairs at the Heritage!

  • Kaitemcgee July 25, 2011

    Hi, just linked here from I’m from Wollongong, what is the venue? I’ve been looking for a non traditional reception venue but theres not much variety in the gong!

  • Great Pictures – the light is perfect with the look – Best wishes!

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