December 10, 2009

The Mercy Beat Promos

The Mercy Beat are an “electrifying” rock band from the inner suburbs of Brisbane (ha! I’m really funny). They play an uncompromising genre blending mix of fast rocky punk. They’ve been described as something similar to The Bronx, but they (and I) kinda disagree with that. Check them out for yourself and decide, I think it’s just downright awesome music, who cares about labels and descriptions?

For the first time, I went into a photoshoot planning only 2 photos. Normally I try and get as many good ones as I can, but this different approach let me really think about what I needed to do well before the actual event. I knew it was going to be a bunch of composites which generally require the greatest amount of planning. The next photo here was something the band had thought of and told me on the evening, thankfully there was enough room in my brain to be able to work that one out as well.

Lighting was simple in my two planned set ups, but for the previous shot we had to do a bit of thinking as it’s a 4 image composite.

left guy: 430EX @ 1/4 through shoot through umbrella very close to head, 580EX with blue gel about 1.5m back and to the right of him @ 1/1
lightning guy: 580EX @ 1/4 + 0.3 into shoot through umbrella directly above with blue gel, 430EX @ 1/2 into reflective umbrella directly below camera
surprised guy: 580EX @ 1/4 with blue gel through shoot through umbrella
right guy: same as left guy but on opposite sides.

The final image is what happens after a lightning strike. Lighting for this shot was again quite simple, just a 580EX into reflective umbrella @ 1/2 directly above and between myself and subjects with a
430EX @ 1/4 directly behind.



  • Madewira March 1, 2010

    Awesome concept! But the smoke seems like a cloud (imho :P)
    Maybe you can try smoke image pack from media militia here

  • Kim December 16, 2009

    That last shot is ridiculously good. I’ve been staring at it for a good five minutes already!!!

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