July 19, 2009


My last trip back to Wollongong was wholly dedicated to rock gods BugGiRL. I was there to shoot some behind the scenes stuff from their latest single’s video clip and more importantly, to take some promo shots for use inside their EP. We’d already taken some pretty rock’n’roll shots last time I saw them, and we threw around a few ideas until we decided we’d try to recreate the illustrated cover that the EP was having done.

This is the final photo that we came up with and it’s a 2 page spread on the inside cover.

Much thanks to my usual go-to-photo-assistant-man Rich, and for Soph for creation of the awesome tomato and lettuce bread rolls the band and I consumed as the clock rolled into the very late hours of the night.

Here’s the media release from the Bugger’s record label Impedance Records. Check out the Buggers as they travel around the country!

The raw and wild slab of an EP from BugGiRL is here, produced by Mark Opitz, and ready to sizzle and burn your stereo. You can now buy it by hitting our on-line store. It will be in shops in August(Australia/Europe/UK) and October(North America). The band are currently in California recording their new full length album with Sylvia Massy. Check out some photos from the sessions at www.myspace.com/thebuggers. Finally in news from the Buggirl camp, they have announced a run of Australian shows in August and have also announced some of their upcoming European shows starting in late August, hit our tours page for the dates.