November 17, 2008

BugGiRL Promo Shoot

BugGiRL are pretty much the most rocking brother and sister rock duo going around the world. Jack and Meg White look like they’re retirees compared to the all out rock factor that BugGiRL possess. Take a mix of AC/DC, The Divinyls and just a hint of everything good about 80s metal, and you’ve got BugGirl. These shots were taken in a small room in a commercial/industrial complex that the band have. It was ghetto all the way with a couple of bedsheets acting as my seamless black and white backdrops.

I had my mates Rich and Mick helping me out on the day. Mick supplied the lubricant for the festivities (ie. beer) while Rich was lighting assistant #1. Thanks fellas!

These guys are just about to head into the studio to record their new album so keep an eye out for it and keep an ear out for their blistering rock shows throughout Australia and then Europe in the northern summer.



  • Mat Packer November 19, 2008

    Love these, I get a total ‘rock’ vibe from them. Very cool indeed.

  • Kylie Keene November 17, 2008

    Really nice shots Lakshal, I love your processing on these. I’m such a failure at photoshop, you should have little classes he he.

    Enjoying your live and studio based band photos :)

  • James November 17, 2008

    They play up the image well enough! Great work Mr Perera

  • virginia November 17, 2008

    bottom one mis amazing

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