October 14, 2008

Ralph Wiggum Isn’t a Good Role Model

This is my photo5 entry for the crayon. I do actually have a crayon stuffed into my nose, but it was of the magical sinus penetrating variety so it’s gone through my skull and come out of my ear.

There are some awesome entries in there this year, I’m not expecting to win, but you gotta be in it to win it! And I’ll tell ya, I really wouldn’t mind a new 5D MkII and a couple of new flashes from Canon. :)

I was considering making this my 52 weeks effort for this week, but I think I’ve got a funnier idea that I’d love to do.

Strobist: 580EX into reflective umbrella above camera @ 1/8, 430EX @ 1/16 into shoot thru umbrella below camera (aka clamshell lighting). This method is always better if you have 2 umbrellas that are the same (which I don’t) and the ability to put the 2 sources close to each other in the vertical direction and stick your camera between.


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  • Ed October 16, 2008

    It was one of the first ideas that popped into my head… I guess we both watch far too much Simpsons… Depressingly have been out of Brisbane (where the Canon box was) on work for most of the last 6 weeks and now am so up to neck in report writing, including working weekends, that i don’t think I’m going to have enought time to do anything for the Canon competition. There are some really excellent entries so don’t think I would have got very far. Good luck with it.

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