August 27, 2007


Talk about a guy coming out of nowhere to storm the Aussie dance music scene! I heard Muscles’ ‘Ice Cream is Gonna Save the Day’ on TripleJ a while ago and thought it was oddly cool, probably due to the fact ice cream is my favourite food. Soon after, he was asked to support Soulwax on a US tour and if I recall correctly had to rush and get himself a US work visa. Now, he’s on the bill for Parklife all across Australia, Homebake and the Meridith Music Festival, taking along his strange blend of techno, electro and digitally harmonised vocoder powered frantic singing.

I couldn’t get any further down the front as you can see, the crowd was crazy. I was surprised that he only played for a little over 40 mins, definitely a little disappointing for the punters who’d paid $20 or so to get in I’d say. Perhaps he was pissed off with the people continually moving his mic stand and bumping his keyboards or actually only had that much material to play.


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  • bec August 30, 2007

    hey this is random, but did you take heaps of other photos form muscles, coz im pretty sure you took one of me and my friends and ive been trying to hunt it down for ages. you should send me an email and tell me :)

    [email protected]

    im killing to find this picture :) thanks !

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