the be nice + take nice photographs workshop is probably not like any other photography workshop you’ve been to. It won’t just define how you think as a photographer, but hopefully also as a person too.

Kristen and I have built a pretty successful and super-happiness inducing photography practice in the space of just under two years. Having shot nearly 90 weddings across 4 continents in that time, it’s been a humbling and exciting journey for us! And we’ve done it our way, the results having a tangible and exceedingly positive impact on people’s lives as we’ve gone along. And that’s exactly why we do this workshop – to provide people with all the tools they need to build a successful and ethical photography business.

We’ve strived to break down some of the barriers that the wedding industry has traditionally created around gender roles, body image and also fair and ethical interaction with the people we photograph. We’re a bit lefty in real life so we figured it made sense for all of those things to be part of the way we run our business. If you believe in creating a more equal and just world through your photography, this is a perfect opportunity to learn some of the things we do and how you can use them for yourself.

This three day workshop will aim to make you critically think about what you do. It might contain some hard truths along the way so be prepared to have your ideas challenged but if you’re committed to making the wedding industry a better and equitable one, we reckon this workshop might be great for you. We look at other photographers as our colleagues rather than competitors, and we’d love to share how we think that each of us can create a community which helps all of us.

So these are just a few of the things that we’ll go through:

  • Who you are, what’s important to you and whether you are happy with the direction your practice is going in (and if it’s not, how you can get it back on track).
  • What the goals for your photography practice are and how can you reach them.
  • Why you as a photographer have a responsibility to represent people as they truly are and how on earth you can manage to run a business that treats everyone with respect whilst being part of an industry which often associates success with power, influence, money and beauty.

We’ll cover all of the technical stuff too – a photography business isn’t much use if you can’t take nice photos! From shooting to the admin stuff to editing/archiving/delivering images to managing the expectations of people you photograph for – we’ll cover the entire workflow. And we’ll get an opportunity to photograph together as well. Our way isn’t the only way to do things so it’ll be a great chance to share your own work and knowledge and to learn from others as well.

Don’t worry if some of the above makes no sense at all! We will go through all of it at a pace that works for everyone and there is so much space for questions, discussions and sharing of ideas. The only thing we ask of you is to be open, respectful of others and to be willing to participate.

Since the first workshop was held in Melbourne in Oct 2013, the participants have banded together to form a group of photographers, The Be Nice Collective, who are committed to upholding the highest of ethical and egalitarian standards. This community is an inclusive and supportive one designed to help every member become not only the best photographer they can be, but the best person too. There will be more on this collective VERY soon!

Be the change you want to see is the mantra we live by. We want you to be part of that change too so join us and we’ll make the journey together.

Update: There are currently no new workshops planned however if this changes, you can keep track of affairs on my Facebook business page or via subscribing to the RSS feed.


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