Annie & Tim’s Amazing and Colourful Melbourne Wedding

Just about 9 hours before I arrived at Annie and Tim’s house (around 120km south west of Melbourne), I was photographing April and Dave‘s wedding in Sydney. I had promised myself to NEVER EVER take bookings for two weddings in two different cities on consecutive days – the fear of something going wrong with aeroplanes is…

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Professional Photographer Magazine – Column 2 – The Window of Tolerance

I recently discovered the concept of The Window of Tolerance. It’s a psychology phrase that defines the conditions in-between where you’re able to function with full access to your internal resources – ie. you’re managing ok. Life is good when we’re inside the window but when we get outside of it, we either respond with…

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iceland – 2013

In around 2002, I first heard of this Icelandic band called Sigur Ros. I couldn’t pronounce half of the names of their songs and I definitely didn’t know what they were singing about. But it didn’t matter, their music transcended words, they seemed to reach in and grasp at the core of me – every…

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Getting Screwed by Multinational Corporations – A How Not To Guide

This isn’t really anything new or unique but I received an image request from a large multi-national news website. “I’m the Associate Editor of *********. I’m currently working on a photo post of emotional brides and grooms and I would love to include this shot of yours (third down). I will give you photo credit…

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