Every day of photography is different. I don’t carry a check list of photos that need to be taken, everything happens pretty organically without much fuss. Stuff goes on throughout the day, good and sometimes also bad, but I’ll be there whenever you want me. Consider your day pressure free from me, I won’t be nagging you to turn left and right, get in the way or ask you to pretend to do anything. I’ll be your fun, rad and most importantly, invisible photographer! Who knows, you might even see me dance a bit.

All day coverage and your images in high-res on a DVD at $4500 (including 10% GST) and packages including environmentally friendly and sustainably manufactured albums from $6000. Contact me for a full price list including more album options. If these numbers are looking a little out of your budget, this post might be of interest to you. I don’t want to be inaccessible to couples simply because of their budgets and I consider photographing weddings more than simply a transaction. I get something back from it so if you think that you’ve got something else you’d like to offer, get in touch.

International couples, this page might be of interest to you regarding discounted destination weddings in certain locations.

Part of what is really important to me is having a connection with the people I am photographing, and that connection develops through spending time together. Only shooting part of a day seems to really impact on how my relationship develops and as such negatively influences how well I can do what I do! Because of this factor, I am only available for full day bookings.