Elise and Paul’s Vintage Themed Engagement Shoot in Brisbane, QLD

Elise and Paul didn’t have a wedding photographer when they had their wedding in 2007. They were young and couldn’t really afford it so they went without. And that just ain’t right considering how much they now regret not having a photographer. Paul’s granddad passed away a few years ago and like many of the…

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Katrina and Devon’s Cute Engagement Shoot in Brisbane, Queensland

Sometimes the distance that separates us is actually the force that pulls us back together. Devon and Katrina have met each other independently on two separate continents before they finally realised they were meant to be together; Devon, from Oregon, USA met Katrina when he was in Australia studying. He would chat with Katrina in…

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Nick and Leah Engagement

Nick and I have been mates for a couple of years, we used to study together at Uni. He met Leah a few years ago and straight away we could tell that she was the girl for him. Everyone was amazed that he’d managed to score himself such a fantastic girl, but in all honesty,…

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