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7 Comments for Staff Update 2013 #2 – Cass is Awesome


If you ever expand to the US I will be filling out an application ASAP! =)

Congrats and the best always! Love your work and you are truly one of my top 5 photographers. Stay fresh!



    Thanks Daniel, that’s super kind of you! And yes, always trying to stay fresh, that’s the hard bit! :)

lisa white

Every now and then you meet people who touch your heart and inspire your soul.
I had the privilege of meeting Lucky and Kristen at their Be Nice Workshop. I also met Cass there.
She is a warm kind and intelligent woman who does awesome work!!

When I saw the ‘staff update 2013 – Cass is Awesome’ blog note, It made my day!!!

Lucky is right, there is a certain something about Cass, Her work is beautiful, it’s engaging, it is a reflection of her.
There will definitely be twice as much good stuff going on with Cass on board.




    You’re a champion Lisa, thank you!


Congrats mate on expanding the business! That’s great to hear :)


    Cheers James, much appreciated mate!

Ben G Morgan

This is the best news I’ve heard in ages!! I’m so happy for you all! Cass’s photos captured my imagination from the moment I saw them, and meeting her in person shows why they’re so special. Her humility and warmth is evident in every shot she takes and I can’t think of a better partnership of like-minded yet strongly individual people.

I look forward to seeing twice as much amazingness on the blog and in my Facebook feed.

Great news guys. Double the ‘be niceness’.

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