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6 Comments for The Australian Federal Election – 2013


Thank you for penning this. Our vote is valuable & private thing & I TRY to bite my tongue BUT this election fills me with an overwhelming sense of dread. This is well thought out & you have certainly done your best to “speak out”.


    Thanks Leah. I’m not so much of a tongue biter and this time around, rather than being a polite dissident, I’m losing my shit. ;)


Great stuff Lucky, thanks for sharing!


    Thanks mate. :)


Well said. I have never entered an election with so many of us so upset with EITHER of the likely outcomes. I must have constructed for myself a very left-centric bubble here in Canberra and my social media feeds, as the feedback I an getting is as filled with disgust and disappointment as I am. I want to find all those people who answer Murdoch polls and ask them what the hell they’re thinking to support such horrible, inequitable policies, and ask if they have REALLY thought about it in depth. If they have, I want to know what drives them to think this is ok? Is it fear? Selfishness? I looked at a blow by blow policy comparison of the major parties, and our family is actually financially better off under a Coalition government. But I can’t live with contributing to the type of society we will be under them. All I can say that many, many of us will work hard to make sure that the ideals of diversity, equality and having a social conscience do not die in the hard times ahead.


    Thanks for your comment Meryl, I think I’ve created that kind of bubble too. And yes, just like you, we would be better off financially as a small business under the Coalition but there’s so much more to my life than just my personal wealth. Fingers crossed for tomorrow and let’s hope the undecided voters (apparently up to 10%) can hopefully can be provided with information to make an informed decision!

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