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11 Comments for Lakshal Perera and the Great Photographic Adventure


I just got around to reading this Lucky and I must admit I am grateful to have MANY people believe in me, often more so then I believe in myself. It is kind of nice to have those strong words of encouragement/ bashing over the head when you start to feel down. Very nice post. 


this is really powerful, lakshal. I am only new to your work, you photographed my friend’s wedding a few months ago (Emma Kearon) and I was hooked. you have a real gift, that’s for sure. encouragement is a powerful thing, and really what has driven me to turn my photography hobby into a business only recently. just starting out and taking things slowly – while raising three littles – but I’m away nonetheless, and it’s really all come through my personal blog and the encouragement I received on my photography through that avenue. thanks for the inspiration..

    Lakshal Perera

    Tahnee, I think that’s all it takes. You need to be sensible about what you want to achieve and most importantly, how you’re going to achieve it. I think the best motivation is to do something simply because you love it – it sounds like you’ve got a whole bunch on your plate yet you’re choosing to follow your passion. I think if you’re dedicated and be the best you can be, you can make a living doing something you truly love. All the best with it!


Wow. Just wow. I honestly don’t know what to say. This is amazing, Lucky.

    Lakshal Perera

    Thanks Antz. I guess you and I have the shared experience of the music stuff, it’s just that you stuck at it much longer than I did. :)

James S

Jade is an absolute star I agree. She was also really encouraging when I was shooting bands.  She lives in Melbourne last time I checked so you should both go for a beer one time to thank her in person!

Jen Halldorsson

beautiful, wonderful wise words lucky. 

    Lakshal Perera

    Thanks Jen. :)

Ben G Morgan

Lucky, mate, it’s a pleasure to know you. Reading Jade’s words, they seem to spell out exactly what I find so spell-binding about your work. I still remember the day we received the images you’d taken for Paper Rock Magazine back in ’07/’08. As we dropped them into our layouts, it was the most exciting moment of that little mag’s life. It took it from being just another student mag, to something altogether more professional.

With the photo you took of Amy Townsend for Issue 3, you’d captured more than just a simple image. You’d caught a moment and conveyed an emotion and character. I see this in countless examples of your wedding photography today – the faces, the moments, the hands, the objects you capture, they tell stories.

I think, in a way, believing in others is where I gain strength. If in my life, all I do is create platforms for others to inspire, and promote passionate and talented people, I’ll have achieved more than enough.

Thanks for the post. 

(attached image is a photo of the mag with Artist Amy Townsend)

    Lakshal Perera

    Thanks for the love Ben, you’re a good egg.

    And yes, putting faith in others is awesome – you end up having to do less because other people are doing great jobs! ;)Plus, you end up like my friend Jade, inspiring other people and setting them on their very own path.


2006 Lucky – wow, I thought you’d started earlier ;)

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