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18 Comments for Free Wedding Photography Around the World

Joelle Ferre

Your photographs are absolutely wonderful! I studied Fine Art with a major in photomedia and by the time I left art school 8 years ago I felt like my creative spirit had been crushed. Your work makes me want to start taking pictures again. I am so touched by your ability to find the beauty and the humour in your subjects. You are truly inspiring. Bravo!


Hey Lakshal,
Just bumped into your blog/site and absolutely love your methods into candid shots and much more… I am from Nepal residing in Melbourne atm, and we have set our date for Jul 2015… I know thinking too far ahead just yet :s … but would be thrilled to make a deal with you if you wanted to cross Nepal off your bucket list!! ;)


Such an amazing idea! unfortunately we live in Australia and having our wedding in our Spring sometime which may fall in between your US dates. We would be happy to exchange for Kite Boarding & Stand Up Paddle Boarding tours, beach 4WD explorations & surfing the AUS east coast along with comfortable beachside accommodation.

Lucy Williams

I don’t even have a boyfriend but dammit, having seen your photography, I’m determined to try and find one and make him my husband in time for your stay in Wales ;) 

Lucy Williams

I don’t even have a boyfriend but dammit, having seen your photography, I’m determined to try and find one and make him my husband in time for your stay in Wales ;) 

    Lakshal Perera

    Lakshal Perera: Forcing women into unhappy and unfulfilling marriages for the sake of nice wedding portraiture since 2005. :)


October 10, 2013 Long Island NY!!! We have a great place for you to stay- be a part of our family- enjoy the local arts community, local beers from a number of breweries! We have a  number ideas for exchange- we would love to meet you- that an amazing idea!! Best of luck to you and safe travels. 


Hey Lucky,

If you’re still looking for a place to crash in NYC, let me know — got a friend there that could help out methinks…..and Mik Annetts (if you remember him from the gong) actually lives in Iceland now.



I just discovered your work through Rock’n’Roll Bride, and to say I’m in awe is an understatement…. if you ever come to switzerland in one of your journey’s I’d be honoured to host you and show you around! My husband couldn’t believe some of your shots :-) Beautiful philosophy and beautiful art… thanks for inspiring me :-)


I like your style!  I hope you get bookings for each destination.

Lan | angry asian

i wish i could take you up on this offer, your photographs are beautiful, your outlook seems to be hilarious but alas, i am nowhere close to where you’ll be and um, most importantly, i am not engaged. 

tho, if you are on the market to snap pix of me & my friends acting like assclown fools and you do swing by baltimore, md, i’m game. i’d feed you maryland crabs, depending on the season, take you to an awful baseball game or freeze your ass off at a foodball game, as well as provide you with the means of seeing where The Wire was shot/produced & inspired by. 

in conclusion, have a wonderful journey, i’m jealous of your travels. be safe.

    Lakshal Perera

    Hi Lan!
    While that indeed does sound like a hoot, we’re not going to be anywhere near Baltimore. :(

    Thank you for your well wishes and hopefully see you around the traps! Who knows what the future holds eh? :)


Your photos are stunning and so damn creative! I love being a budding candid photographer and I value creative minds of people who think outside the cookie cutter box in capturing lifetime memories. Keep up the great work Lakshal. 

Namrita Bendapudi

Yay! Love this! Good luck with your travels and hope it takes you far and wide :)) And I know you’ll make a lot of couples’ day just as you did ours :)) 

    Lakshal Perera

    Thanks Nami! You guys made not just my day, but my year! :)


Lakshal, have we told you that you epitomise our whole trip? and for that…and more things, we love you! We really hope to meet you somewhere, anywhere! again and totally LOVE that you are such a fricking cool guy with such and open and honest heart…. maybe we will see you in NYC…if we hurry! Good luck…and I hope people who take you up on this amazing open offer know how damn lucky they are…I know we do!  Xxx happy travels!

    Lakshal Perera

    YES! I hope our paths cross in NYC too!! We’re staying in Williamsburg which I’ve been informed is very trendy. Keep an eye out for the two people that don’t fit in, that’ll be us. :)

    Thank you for your lovely words too!

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