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9 Comments for Mulletgod’s Action-A-Party

Kellie Prowse

I have been learning to tweak things here and there with adjustment layer masks and have learned a bit about how they work, but your actions make it amazingly easy to tweak the facial enhancements needed in portraits. I use at least one of your actions, be it the vignette tool, the color pop tool or the retouch tool for the eyes and teeth. And by the way, the eyes retouching in that is amazing for whitening teeth, not only eyes! I can’t afford much as I am still just starting out and my family is on a one income base, but I would like to send a donation to you. I know you posted a charity, but I would like to send it to you to then do what you wish with it. Please email. Thank you an amazing amount! By the way, I have always liked photography, even as a kid, but have wanted to help low income families with Senior pictures; that is why I got into it a bunch over the past few years.

Kellie Prowse

I want to thank you so much for your actions! I have used a few actions here and there, but have come to understand actions and masks so much more JUST from USING your actions. Your actions set is the one I use almost always. In the “retouch bonanza”, you have an action for the eyes. Well, it a PERFECT for whitening teeth too ya know?
Thank you again!!! You have no idea how much time this has saved me as a fairly new photographer using photoshop.


thank you so much!


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Hello, I downloaded the link, but it is empty…
Please advise.
Thank you!!!

Barbara Cannon

Thank you!


Thank you very much. Great set of actions that you so generously give for free – I use them a lot.
All the best, Sean

Morgan Lust

Thank you so much for allowing me to download these actions again. They are by far my favorite, and have made my photographs so beautiful. 

    Lakshal Perera

    Hi Morgan! That’s fantastic, I’m really happy that you enjoy them so much! Thanks for taking the time to post a lovely comment for me!

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