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5 Comments for The Dawn Collective Promos


Me encantaron tus fotografias todas todas, la de los musicos y las bodas en especial me gustaron mucho, ademas el texto que sale en stumble es realmente bueno, que genialidad,

Tammy McGee

just found your sight. Love your work, Your amazing!! Thanks for sharing some of your actions as well. I will be following you.


Stunning work my friend. Looks like the tilt shift got plenty of a workout! ;)


It’s actually down in my home town of Wollongong on the south coast of NSW. This spot in the first photo is where the hangliders take off before heading a couple of hundred meters below to the beach. Thankfully there wasn’t much wind this day and the hangliders were leaving us alone.

Kristen Ashton

Great work!

Where is that lovely grassy location?

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