Sean Sheap

Sean Sheap is a producer/DJ along the lines of DJ Shadow and Unkle. He’s just getting ready to release an album and this is a failed cover shot from the other day. We’ll probably use these as promos somewhere along the way. We had plans for a series of shots which would have appeared on the cover. In the end, that didn’t happen due to the weather turning pretty average a bit after these shots were taken.




2 thoughts on “Sean Sheap

  1. Not failed at all. I love them, especially 1 and 3. 1 looks like it has a tilt-shift effect, and I love the selective blurring [or maybe its just the aperture you used]. 3 is amazing as well, and the light balance is amazing. You got the sky, ground, and him without underexposing or clipping any highlights – did you bracket and edit that shot? How was it achieved?

    Great job, as usual Lucky.

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