My Exhibition!

This is the flyer for my 52 weeks exhibition. I’ll be getting them printed in the next few days so if you want me to send you one, give me a yell. :)

There will be plenty of free food and booze, and not to mention, 52 photographs of yours truly!

There will also be a bunch of blurb books for sale as well which I’ll probably make available online as well for anyone who’s interested. At the moment, it’s looking like it’ll cost somewhere near $50 or so which makes it a little expensive, but trust me, I’m not going to be making any money from it!

6 thoughts on “My Exhibition!

  1. thanks guys!

    ed, i hated my photo being taken (and still do), but at least when you’re taking your own photo, you’re in control of the ones that others see. :)
    i’m still not sure about 52 weeks 09, it seems so hard and i’m not sure i can live up to it.. and i’m tempted to follow the saying “quit while you’re ahead”!

  2. Good luck with the exhibition. Have really enjoyed following the project and it has inspired me to think about doing a 52 project of my own next year. The main drawbacks at the moment are that (a) I HATE having my photo taken; and (b) I need some ideas! So no major obstacles to overcome… Will have to start thinking in the next few weeks. Is there going to be a whole new Mulletgod 2009 52 week project to look forward to?

  3. I’ve loved the series, such a cool concept.

    Make sure you send me an invite, just pdf it and send it up though. Gonna try my hardest to make it on down to the Gong.

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