Earth Mechanics Promos

I took some promos for a local prog rock band Earth Mechanics a couple of nights ago. I had this grand vision of taking some really desolate, badly lit photos at a local dry cleaning joint (of all the places to choose!), but alas, it didn’t happen. It was damn near freezing with strong winds and my brain (and fingers!) was freezing, as were my batteries in all devices. PocketWizards, flashes and the camera were all victims of the crisp outdoor temperatures!




3 thoughts on “Earth Mechanics Promos

  1. Come now, the floating heads is awesome. We’re using it everywhere, hahaha. I think it sticks in people’s minds because there’s a bit of nonsense to it but it still looks very pro. It’s great stuff for us, cause while we’re a serious band, we don’t like to take things too seriously. We used it on the demo CD’s that we’ve been printing off and giving out to people, along with a cool neon looking Earth Mechanics logo. Looks very Marx Brothers. I’ll drop one off to you sometime.

  2. Love the second shot. and I have to say I think the last one is fun – I think it’d be great to see as a promo shot.

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